Jacuzzi Area

In our bar and jacuzzi area, moments full of Costa Rican authenticity will merge allowing Apple House to give our guests a free environment in contact with nature, technology and good taste while give life to a perfect and intimate place to share with your loved ones.

The Eco Area

The Eco Area beyond good times captured in meetings or a good game of pool, is an area, as the suffix indicates. A whole ecosystem designed to transport you to a full tranquility in which together with your loved ones and a techno-natural environment will make this place the perfect place to treasure unforgettable moments during your stay at Apple House.

Gastronomic Area

Good taste and culinary art merge their sharpest and most useful weapons in this sanctuary, where the art of a good dish will be the beginning of an experience in the company of your most beloved friends or family in which our oval table at Apple House will be the perfect habitat to start the banquet that will share a day full of experiences and smiles in the joy of a beautiful country called Costa Rica.

Entertainment Area

Whether your thing is to access to a world of adventure and virtualized emotions or just enjoy the best of 7th art, the entertainment area merges the most updated and complete ecosystems to offer you from a good game of Soccer with PES2021 to most full range of options in media content fulfilling the highest demands of the 7th art.

Hýpnos Area

At sunset, after a day of adventures and great emotions. The Hypnos area not only transports you to the arms of the most ancient gods of relaxation and good rest, but also merges the entire Apple ecosystem, where technology and good taste will be the hosts to complete the perfect evening with your loved ones.

The Apple House

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the one who do” Steve Jobs
With these phrase., we, as one team compel the fully description of what we cal The Apple House. We believed since the first brick that Apple House was gonna be founded the reality of one of the most hard but no imposible dreams ever, taking in our hands the task of combining the good taste of Steven Jobs and the genius of Steven Wozniak giving life to what we believe its our tribute to Steve & Wozz Lives.

Subject to availability only from friday to monday